I Couldn’t Put Eddie Ray’s Book Down

I Couldn’t Put Eddie Ray’s Book Down

I could not put your book down. I read it straight through from start to finish… You were responsible for music that I listened to growing up from Freddie and The Dreamer’s “I’m telling you now” to songs by my wife’s heart throb, Ricky Nelson (funny about Ozzie). How the song “Candy Man” came about is truly amazing… And how incredibly amazing your first attempt at writing a song turned out… I could go on and on!

Your book inspires and gives hope! Not only is your book about an African American man succeeding during a dark time in American history when that type of success just didn’t happen, but you are a role model that inspires us all to never give up on our dreams even when those dreams seem impossible.

I often wonder how fruitful the rest of my years may be as I approach 60 (2 years to go)! Your life story gives me hope that the future should be just as bright at 58 as it was when I was 18. When most people were thinking about retirement you seem to move on to a new and exciting adventure.

Your book teaches me to always expect the unexpected. Sometimes that manifest itself in something wonderful and sometimes it turns out to be something painful, but it is those life experiences, as you explain, that make life worth living to the fullest.

Thank you Eddie for taking the time to write such an influential book that will affect whoever reads it in a positive way.

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